Course Tour

Hole 1 – Harolds Gap


At first glance Harold’s Gap which is a par 5 hole with a distance of 489 yards appears to be a benign hole. However, with out of bounds on the right and trees both large and small on both sides of the fairway it soon shows its true colours.

Off the tee on the right hand side is a lateral hazard ditch which runs from a point level with the tee down to the first stand of trees.  When standing on the tee the only danger appears to be the small stand of trees on the right hand side of the fairway. but those who play the ball to the left can be caught out by the grass mounds at around 200 yards with a ditch to the left of the mounds running away to a pond. Longer hitters should clear these obstacles with ease.

However a fairway bunker is waiting at about 260 yards from the tee, miss this bunker to the right and a fairway wood should get you within chipping distance of the green which is guarded by a bunker on the right hand side and subtle mounding around the green with a narrow opening to the front of the green. The green slopes slightly from the right.