Club Champion 2023

Firstly congratulations to Niall Day on winning his first club championship and Mike Chandler for winning the Silver Medal.

A special thanks goes to Leigh Evans and the Harbourmaster for sponsoring the championship once again.
I would also like to thank Steve Brown for starting all competitors over the 2 days.

Attached is the full results and breakdown of prize money.
Saturday 1st July
1st best gross – Leigh Evans £20
2nd best gross – Niall Day £15
3rd best gross – Simon Phelps £10

1st best net – John Skelhorn £20
2nd best net – Jonathan Slark £15
3rd best net – Jason Rickard £10

There were 8 twos on Saturday worth £6 each.

Sunday 2nd July
1st best gross – Lea Nicholas £20
2nd best gross – Niall Day £15
3rd best gross – Shaun Dyson £10

1st best net – Lea Nicholas £20
2nd best net – Michael Chandler £15
3rd best net – John Price £10

There were 13 twos on Sunday worth £4 each.

36-hole gross results
Club Champion – Niall Day £80
Runner up – Simon Phelps £30
3rd – Shaun Dyson £20

36-hole net results
Silver medal winner – Michael Chandler £50
Runner up – John Price £30
3rd – Niall Day £20

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