Course Update 25th March 2023

Over the past few weeks we have been busy getting the course ready for the beginning of the season. We have stated our Terra Lift program by putting TX10 on the greens. This is a granular based fertiliser and will take about 10 weeks for the greens to fully absorb the product. We have also put an iron based liquid feed onto the greens. This will make the leaf stronger and make the greens pop. On top of this, we have sprayed the tees with weed killer as the daisies were starting to take over. We will be putting lawn sand on to the greens next week along with another granular fertiliser. There is also another liquid feed to go down on the greens next week.
We have put seed and sand down on the greens where the scarifier damaged the edge of the greens. The weather is starting to warm up now so we are getting to a place where we will need to cut more than twice a week so we have started by double cutting the greens ahead of this weekend. We have cut fairways and began cutting the rough.
This week we took ownership of a John Deere aercore 1500. This will help us out a lot on the greens. This aercore has more arms than our virti drainer and can be moved across the green faster and is much lighter. Meaning we can spike all the greens in 1 day.
I would like to thank Lyndon Brown for continuing with the bunker program.

I would like to remind members to fix pitch marks and to rake bunkers after they have played there shot.

Thank you

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