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18th Hole Redesign

Day 1

Day 1 on the 18th hole project and the pond is nearly excavated to depth.  The 2 old fairway bunkers have been filled in and are now ready for turf.  Work on the greenside bunkers have commenced.  All the soil for the new tee is in place and ready for levelling.  All the trees marked for removal on the left have been felled and the branches burned.  The stone on the path has been lifted and soil moved ready to level (the path is being moved to the right hand side of the hole).  A very productive day.

Day 2 has seen the preparation of the pond edges and sides in readiness for the liner which proved to be a very difficult job.  Aside from this work turfing the old bunkers has commenced  and the levelling of the new tee was started.  2 trees were removed adjacent to the pond to improve visibility from the clubhouse.  A trench has also been dug to hold to cable to supply the power for the pump and fountain.
Today we have removed the front right hand mound of the green surround to open up the putting surface.  We have also concentrated on the trenching work for the overflow from the pond and the inlet for the irrigation to top up the pond during the dry weather.
Both old fairway bunkers have now been turfed and turf surrounding the green side bunkers have been stripped back.  Tomorrow our course architect Marc Westernbourg is coming to check on progress to date and finalise greenside bunker depths and shapes.
Marc Westernbourg our course architect has spent a few hours with us today checking and discussing progress to date.  Overall he is very happy and suggested a few tweaks to the pond shape and double checked the alignment of the tee.  He also spent a good deal of time with Kevin discussing the design of the bunker complex and extension to the green and surrounding area.  Day 4 also saw the irrigation system connected to the pond ready for filling.
The majority of todays work was concentrating on completing the lining and soiling of the pond.  This has now been completed and the irrigation line is on so the pond is starting to fill with water.  Over the next few days the water should reach the correct level.  Also the electric cable has been laid and the trench back filled ready for turfing.
All in all a very good, busy and hard week for all those involved but our new 18th hole is starting to take shape. 
Day 6 of the 18th hole re design was a frosty start. The overflow ditch has been started and is now ready for back filling and turfing. The electric cable trench along the hedge has been levelled and is now complete. Turfing has started around the pond and the overflow pipe installed. 
Significant progress on  the 18th hole project today.  As the pond fills up the sides are being covered with top soil raked level and turfed.  Also the path and tree stumps on the left have now been removed and prepared for overseeding and rolling.  The overflow that runs out down the 17th has been backfilled and just needs consolidating and levelling prior to turfing. Work has started to form and shape the bunkers on  the left of the green and the layout of the hole is now becoming much more visible.
Today we have concentrated on digging out and shaping the two greenside bunkers ahead of the course Architect who is visiting tomorrow and will advise on any final adjustments that may be needed before we proceed with the revetted edges and turfing of the banks. The turfing of the pond edges will be completed tomorrow and preparation for installation of the pump and fountain has commenced with anchor points being installed at the pond edges.
A significant milestone has been reached today  on the 18th hole redesign with the installation of the pump and fountain. Not only does it look stunning off the tee but as you approach the pond you will now be greeted by the sound of cascading water. It also plays a vital role in keeping the water circulating to help prevent the build up of algae. Our course Architect Marc Westenborg has also spent the day with us finalising the shape and depth of the bunkers which will now have a small revetted edge put in to give definition. Also fresh turf has been delivered ready for laying on the surrounding mounds.
DAY 10
Its now been 2 weeks since the start of the 18th hole redesign and the focus of our work has moved to the green surrounded and bunker complex. The mounding on the right has had final shaping and turfing and is now complete. The bulk of the mounding on the left is now also turfed by some wonderful volunteers who came down to help us today. The front bunker has been revetted and the base lined with upside down turf to suppress any stones. The photos do not show how deep this bunker truly is and when in play it will be one to avoid.
Initial shaping of the new tee has now started and will continue next week, we will also complete turfing around the green and  finishing the second bunker. All of these areas will need adequate time to settle and establish before the hole is re opened but is our intention to do this as soon as possible without causing any adverse damage, in the meantime if you can’t play the hole then please come and have a look at what awaits as you stand on the new 18th tee !!!!
Despite horrendous weather today we have pushed on and installed a buggy path that runs down the full length of the right hand side of the hole. We have also done a considerable amount of turfing on the old path and where trees were removed. The pond is now at full capacity and the overflow pipe has now been cut to the level of the finished water line, the edge of the pond will now be turfed as needed to complete this area.


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A genuine surprise when I stumbled across it last spring. Milford Haven is packed with variety and interest both on and off the course. A hidden Welsh Gem.

Golf Monthly - Rob Smith

“Thank you to @milfordhavengolfclub for looking after us today. Opening the 18th hole. @oil4wales #golf”

Scott Quinnell

Excellent course. Very challenging. Greens true and quick. Great golfing day out with some incredible views.


Just wanted to say what a fantastic course MHGC is. In addition to the great hospitality there is a great course which offers a great challenge.

TripAdvisor - Leighg64

A real gem of a golf course and a very friendly welcome too. The course makes great use of the topography, thoughtfully designed and challenging even for lower handicaps. Quite a few holes where course knowledge a definite advantage. Highly recommend a visit.

Google Review

★★★★★, Excellent golf course with great practice facilities, the course was in brilliant condition and the new 18th hole is a great closing hole. The pro, Bar and club members are friendly before and after your round. Food and beers are excellent value with the food being great quality. We had Sunday lunch the 3 courses were fantastic, piping hot and full of flavour. We will be returning and recommending to friends.

Matthew Prior