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Hole 16


Church Tower

Par 5  l  505 Yards  l  SI: 18

Hole 18

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The Church Tower is the penultimate hole and is a great opportunity to get a birdie to win the match. Off the tee the golfer needs to make a good drive and keep the ball to the left hand side of the fairway because the fairway slopes from left to right.

Two fairway bunkers situated at about 235 yards from the white tee makes the drive a little more interesting for the longer hitters. For the second shot the average golfer will take a fairway wood which should take the ball just short of the fairway bunkers. These bunkers are 50 yards from the green.

A wedge from there to the green and sink the put will get you a much needed birdie. The three bunkers that guard the green and the grass mounds all round the green may deny the golfer the birdie so a par may be more realistic.


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