Hole Review

Hole 17


Fountain View

Par 4  l  350 Yards  l  SI: 10


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The Fountain View hole is a difficult par 4. Any ball over the hedge on the right hand side of the fairway is out of bounds. This makes the average golfer aim to the left.

There are trees in this area which can thwart any prospect of reaching the green in two shots. Hitting the fairway is a must on this hole to make par. The new pond makes this finishing hole a little more interesting and a lot more challenging.

On reaching the green the golfer will find that there are two bunkers on the left hand side of the green with grass mounds to the left, right and back of the green. The entrance to the green is narrow making the running shot to the green more difficult.

It is a good finishing hole and will be the topic of many conversations when the 19th hole is reached.


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