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Hole 7


Blind Alley

Par 4  l  389 Yards  l  SI: 3

Hole 9

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Blind Alley is a par 4 hole most of which is uphill with the first part being a severe slope at the top of which there is a small copse on the left and another one on the right with an opening in between.

Overhead electricity wires pass over the course at this point. Any ball hitting these wires must be replayed without penalty.

The drive off the tee should be made through the gap between both of the copses. Going into the copse either side could leave the golfer with a chip out sideways.

After a good drive the golfer is faced with a relatively simple shot to the green providing the bunker set at about 65 yards from the green is negotiated safely, the fairway is still uphill but not as severe.

As the golfer gets close to the green the fairway begins to slope down to the green. Depending on the pin position for the day it is sometimes better to play a little short and left to allow the ball to run on to the green.

The green is guarded by two large, deep bunkers on the right and steep slopes down from the green to the back and to the right hand side. The green is large and relatively flat.


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